The Early Years

Metalset’s current ownership started in 2004 with a background and experience of more than 50 years in the fabrication industry. Having come from a much larger fabricator and erector gave us the confidence to take on larger projects while cultivating our ability to maintain customer relations, adher to budgets and drive both value for the customer and profitability for Metalset as a company.

Our New Location

Metalset moved to our new facility in 2011. Having additional square footage combined with front to back laoding bays allowed us to create a much better flow during the fabrication process. This in turn allows us to more aggressively bid on projects that play to our strengths and a fabricator and erector. Having the use of top riding cranes and a bright clean facility allows us to work in a safe environment, producing a quality end product.

Where We're Headed

Metalset’s current employees have well over 200 combined years of experience and our goal is to continue to tap that experience. It's a continuous process - Learning and developing new, safe means and methods to ultimately take your vision from concept to reality. Benchmarks such as our AISC certifications are a testament to this on-going improvement process. We strive everyday to build and reinforce on our current relationships in the industry and work just as hard to create amazing first impressions to new partners.

Our Facility at a Glance

35,000 Square Feet Under Crane

We pride ourselves on being able to attack the details, but make no mistake, we're setup to handle multiple large scale project simultaneously.

Front to Back Loading Bays

Moving metal costs money and the less times we have to do it, the more effectively we can bid your project.

Ideal Transportation Location

Located in the industrial district of Richmond, Metalset is centrally located in the Bay Area with easy access to all of Northern California and beyond.

Full Facility Specs

    Facility Square Footage

  1. 35,000 Square Feet Indoors
  2. Approx. 3.5 Acres Outdoors
  3. Overhead Cranes

  4. 3ea at 3 tons
  5. 2ea at 5 tons
  6. Lib Cranes

  7. 3ea at 1 ton
  8. Gantry Cranes

  9. 2ea at 2 tons
  10. Forklifts

  11. 1ea at 5000lbs.
  12. 1ea at 10,000lbs.
  13. Material Processing Equipment

  14. 2 Ironworkers at 100 tons each
  15. Vertical Band Saw - 18" x 18" x 100ft cap.
  16. Abrasive Cut-off Saw - 6" x 6" x 100ft cap.
  17. Up to 24 Welding Stations
  18. Table and Track Burning Equipment